Application Repository
Here is a list of medium or big applications written in Gambas.

  A * (A star). Pathfinder
A  A Truck Management System (TMS) With Folder Database Manager  · AgendaXML (simple time tracker)  · Apousiologos  · Arduino&Gambas: 01 Simple example, power LED  · Arduino&Gambas: 02 Graphs of sensor values  · Arduino&Gambas:03 Control of two servomotors  · Areida  · Automatic Updates for FTP accounts  · Azeotrope Chemical Calculator
B  BaShare (file sharing tool)  · Building Images by fractal art
C  Carnet Generator  · Checkers  · ClassLatex: Create documents and reports  · Clothing Maquiladora manager (example MySQL database)  · Collector: Organize source code  · Convert numbers to letters and read them (in Spanish)
D  Datagest (business process control)  · DB-diff (shows the differences between two Database structures)  · DBLog (amateur radio logging application)  · DBReport (Report-Designer and Printer)  · DfhLog (amateur Radio Logging Application)  · DomotiGa (home automation software)
F  Facs (Facs Aids Cost Supervision)  · FGLC  · Front End for RoboDoc: Documentation generator
G  Game: battle of Planets  · Gb.Odt  · Gbxgol (Italian betting game utility)  · Gestión de Almacén (warehouse management)  · GIsoHunter (Search & Download Torrents)  · GOliscoper (personal contact manager)  · GradeL (desktop gradebook application)  · Graduation Orles  · Graphic Resolution 2Nd Degree Equation  · Graphics in the form of cake  · Greekconversion  · GridViews and TableViews: Small tool to define  · Guygle (web geographical information system)
H  HP9100A Emulator (a calculator emulator)
I  IDE JAVA-GAMBAS  · Indentation Gambas 2
K  KediCAD (CAD software)
L  Laurus (ERP for french small companies)
M  MapBD: Mapping databases (ORM)  · MapComen: Comments for RoboDoc Generator  · MegaJC Uploader  · MiniEarthshipCalc: Calculation for earthship design  · Morsememory  · Multiple Diploma Builder  · MV1SysTray (GUI Utility of Mumps V1 multidimensional Database)  · MyEduBase - an Educational Management System  · MySQL-GUI (GUI for MySQL)
N  NoteIf- - Notepad For Linux - GPL3  · NxcEditor With NxcSimulator (for NXT-Robot)
O  Online News  · OpenASB: Management software and Internet cafe LAN-House.
P  PDOWNLOADER  · Ping: Network Utility  · Puzzle 8 and 15
Q  QR Code Generator: A FrontEnd qrencode commands and libdecodeqr.
R  Refranero / Spanish proverbs and sayings  · Romadeva  · Rubik 2d
S  Simple example of drag and drop  · Simple Example Of Drawing A Spiral  · Simulator classification africa world cup 2010  · Step By Step Manual on how to make a program gambas2: Phone Book  · Struct-DB
T  Tetris  · Tic Tac Toe (sample minimax)  · Transie (dual-pane text editor for translators)  · Tuxlog  · TxapuCNC_TX (Editor/Simulator/Control Gcode)
V  Vinstall-Ng (graphical Installer For VectorLinux)
W  Website Index Generator File
X  Xlincegambas  · Xt7-Player

And do not forget that the Gambas IDE is written in Gambas! :-)

How to add an application

Feel free to add your applications, provided that it is more than ten lines of code, and that you respect the same page layout as other ones.

Let's suppose that your application is named MyGreatSoftware. We will put it under the /app/mygreatsoftware wiki path. The rule is putting all characters of the name in lower case, and using the minus character if needed.

So you have to enter the following URL into your browser:

The wiki tells you that the page is not available. Then you click on the Create link.

To fill the page contents, just open an already existing application page in editing mode, and use it as a template. Once done, just click on the Save button. That's all!