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Warning! This page is not translated.  See english version 
Predefined Constants


These constants are returned by TypeOf.

gb.Null NULL value
gb.Boolean Boolean value
gb.Byte Byte value
gb.Short Short value
gb.Integer Integer value
gb.Long Long value
gb.Single Single value
gb.Float Float value
gb.Date Date value
gb.String String value
gb.Variant Variant value
gb.Object Object reference

File types

These constants are used by the Stat() function.

gb.File Regular file
gb.Directory Directory
gb.Device Special file for a device
gb.Pipe Named pipe
gb.Socket Special file for a socket
gb.Link Symbolic link

String constants

gb.NewLine Newline character. Equivalent to Chr$(10).
gb.Tab Tab character. Equivalent to Chr$(9).

Sort and comparison

Comparison methods

These constants are used by the Comp function and each time a sort method is needed. For example, in the Array sort methods, when creating a Collection, in the String class methods, and so on.

gb.Binary Binary comparison (This is the default).
gb.IgnoreCase Case unsensitive comparison.
gb.Language Comparison according to the current language.
gb.Language + gb.IgnoreCase Case unsensitive comparison according to the current language.
gb.Natural Natural comparison according to the current language.
gb.Natural + gb.IgnoreCase Case unsensitive Natural comparison according to the current language.
gb.Like The second string is assumed to be a LIKE pattern. If the first string matches it, then 0 is returned. Otherwise a case unsensitive comparison is done.

Sort order

These constants define the order used by sort methods.

gb.Ascent Ascending sort (This is default).
gb.Descent Descending sort.

Week days

These constant are the values returned by the WeekDay() function.

gb.Monday Monday
gb.Tuesday Tuesday
gb.Wednesday Wednesday
gb.Thursday Thursday
gb.Friday Friday
gb.Saturday Saturday
gb.Sunday Sunday

Predefined formats

Numeric formats

gb.GeneralNumber Write a number with twelve decimal digits. Use scientific format if its absolute value is lower than 10-4 or greater than 107.
gb.Fixed Equivalent to "0.00"
gb.Percent Equivalent to "###%"
gb.Scientific Write a number with its exponent and eighteen decimal digits.

Date and time formats

gb.GeneralDate Write a date only if the date and time value has a date part, and write a time only if it has a date part.

Only in 3.1 version

Since Gambas 3.1, write nothing for a null date, a short time when there is no date, or date and time for all other cases.

gb.LongDate Long date format.
gb.MediumDate Medium date format.
gb.ShortDate Short date format.
gb.LongTime Long time format.
gb.MediumTime Medium time format.
gb.ShortTime Short time format.

Currency formats

gb.Currency Format a currency by using the national currency symbol.
gb.International Format a currency by using the international currency symbol.

Miscellaneous formats

gb.Standard Use gb.GeneralNumber for formatting numbers and gb.GeneralDate for formatting dates and times.


gb.BigEndian Big endianness. The values are stored in memory the higher bytes first.
gb.LittleEndian Little endianness. The values are stored in memory the lower bytes first.