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TableView (gb.form)
This control is an editable GridView.

This class inherits GridView in gb.qt4.
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This class is creatable.
This class acts like a read-only array.

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How to make a cell editable

To make a cell editable, you must call the Edit or EditWith method in response to a Click or Activate event.

Calling one of this method creates a cell editor widget that allows the user to modify the cell contents. This editor is automatically managed by the TableView.

If the user modifies the cell contents, then the Save event is raised, and you must actually save the data during the Save event handler. This is not automatic!

If you want to explicitly cancel an edition, call the Cancel method.

Keyboard management

Hitting an arrow key while editing a cell automatically moves the cell editor to the nearest editable cell.

To know if a cell is editable or not, the Click or Activate event is raised, and if no Edit or EditWith method is called in response to the event, the move is repeated until a TableView border is reached.

Hitting the ESC key cancels the current edition.

Hitting the ENTER or the RETURN key moves to the next cell like the right arrow key. But if the end of the TableView is reached, the Insert event is raised.

Beware that the Edit or EditWith method must be called during the Click or Activate event handler, otherwise the keyboard management won't work!