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HttpClient (gb.net.curl)
This class inherits Curl.
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This class is creatable.

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' How to download a file from the internet synchronously

' Put the "Async" property set to FALSE prior to Get(), that way
' Get() will stop the program flow until all the information is
' received. In that case you should use also the "TimeOut" property to
' set a timeout. If not, it could hang forever if the server does not
' reply properly.

Public Sub GetFile()

  Dim hClient As HttpClient
  Dim sBuffer As String

  hClient = New HttpClient AS "hClient"
  hClient.URL = "http://elinks.or.cz/"
  hClient.Async = FALSE
  hClient.Timeout = 60

  Print "Begin"
  If hClient.Status < 0 Then
    Print "ERROR"
    ' Success - read the data
    If Lof(hClient) Then sBuffer = Read #hClient, Lof(hClient)
    Print sBuffer
  End If

  Print "end"


Example #2

This second example shows how you can download a file from the internet asynchronously.

It calls the DownloadAsync method with your URL. Then, when the download is completed, it displays the received HTML in the Finished event handler.

' How to download a file from the internet asynchronously

Public hAsyncClient As New HttpClient AS "hAsyncClient"
Private sDownloadBuffer As String

Public Sub DownloadAsync(URL As String)

  sDownloadBuffer = ""
  hAsyncClient.URL = URL
  hAsyncClient.TimeOut = 20
  hClient.Async = TRUE


Public Sub hAsyncClient_Connect()

  Print "Connected to " & hAsyncClient.URL


Public Sub hAsyncClient_Read()

  Dim sBuffer As String

  sBuffer = Read #Last, Lof(Last)
  sDownloadBuffer &= sBuffer


Public Sub hAsyncClient_Error()

  Print "Error " & hAsyncClient.Status & " while downloading " & hAsyncClient.URL


Public Sub hAsyncClient_Finished()

  Print sDownloadBuffer