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Net (gb.net.curl)
This Třída contains important constants for use with gb.net.curl objects, especially the error code constants.

This class is static.

AbortedByCallback  Asynchronous  AuthAny  AuthAnySafe  AuthBasic  AuthDigest  AuthDigestIE  AuthGssNegotiate  AuthNone  AuthNtlm  AuthNtlmWb  BadContentEncoding  BadDownloadResume  BadFunctionArgument  ChunkFailed  ConvFailed  ConvRequired  FTPBadFileList  FTPPortFailed  FTPPretFailed  FTPUnableToGetHost  FTPUnableToRETRFile  FTPUnableToSetType  FTPUnableToUseRest  FTPWeird227Format  FTPWeirdPassReply  FTPWeirdPasvReply  FTPWeirdServerReply  FailedInit  FileSizeExceeded  FunctionNotFound  GotNothing  HTTPPostError  HTTPReturnedError  InterfaceFailed  LoginDenied  OperationTimeout  OutOfMemory  PartialFile  PeerFailedVerification  ProxyHTTP  ProxySocks5  QuoteError  RangeError  ReadError  RecvError  RemoteAccessDenied  RemoteDiskFull  RemoteFileExists  RemoteFileNotFound  SSLCacert  SSLCacertBadFile  SSLCertProblem  SSLCipher  SSLConnectError  SSLCrlBadfile  SSLEngineInitFailed  SSLEngineNotFound  SSLEngineSetFailed  SSLIssuerError  SSLShutdownFailed  SendError  SendFailRewind  Synchronous  TooManyRedirects  URLMalformat  UnableToConnect  UnableToResolveHost  UnableToResolveProxy  UnsupportedProtocol  UploadFailed  WriteError