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Socket (gb.net)
This class implements a socket client to allow your programs to connect with socket servers. TCP and Local (Unix sockets) connections are implemented.

This class inherits Stream in gb.
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Blocking  ByteOrder  EndOfFile  EndOfLine  Handle  Lines  Tag    Begin  Close  Drop  ReadLine  Send   

This class is creatable.

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Host  LocalHost  LocalPort  Path  Port  RemoteHost  RemotePort  Server  Status  Timeout    Connect  Peek    Closed  Error  Found  Read  Ready  Write   

This class performs its work asynchronously, so the program will not be stopped while connecting, sending or receiving data.

This class is derived from the class Stream, so you can use standard Stream & Input/Output functions to send and receive data, and to close the socket.

Sockets can be used if the library "gb.net" is included in the project. To include this library use the menu [Project] [Properties] [Components] tick the component "gb.net".


' Gambas class file

PUBLIC MySock AS Socket

PUBLIC SUB Button1_Click()

  DIM sBuf AS String

  MySock = NEW Socket
  MySock.Connect("localhost", 7000)

  DO WHILE (MySock.Status <> 7) AND (MySock.Status > 0)
    WAIT 0.1

  IF MySock.Status <> 7 THEN
    PRINT "Error"

  sBuf = "Hello over there.\n"
  WRITE #MySock, sBuf, Len(sBuf)

  DO WHILE Lof(MySock) = 0
    WAIT 0.1
  READ #MySock, sBuf, Lof(MySock)
  PRINT sBuf

  CLOSE #MySock


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