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Process (gb)
This class is used for managing processes launched by the EXEC or SHELL instructions.

As this class is a stream, you can use input/output instructions to read the process standard output or write to its standard input.

To read the process error output, you must use the Error event.

This class inherits Stream.
Properties  Methods 
Blocking  ByteOrder  EndOfFile  EndOfLine  Lines  Tag    Begin  Close  Drop  ReadLine  Send   

This class is not creatable.

Static properties  Constants 
LastState  LastValue    Crashed  Running  Signaled  Stopped   
Properties  Methods  Events 
Handle  Id  Ignore  State  Value    Kill  Signal  Wait    Error  Kill  Read   

If you need to send a CTRL+D to a running process, as if you have run it in a shell, just close the Process stream.