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String (gb)
This Klasë provides UTF-8 string manipulation methods.

This class is static.

Static methods 
Byte  Chr  Code  Comp  InStr  Index  IsValid  LCase  Left  Len  Lower  Mid  Pos  RInStr  Right  UCase  UCaseFirst  Upper   

Be careful because standard Gambas string routines only deal with ASCII strings.

To use a non-UTF8 string you must first convert it with Conv$.


DIM hFile AS Stream
DIM sOneNonUTF8Line AS String
DIM sUTF8Line as String

' Print a WINDOWS-1253 text file to standard output
hFile = OPEN "/home/ilias/sometextingreekWINDOWS-1253.txt" FOR INPUT

WHILE NOT Eof(hFile)
  LINE INPUT #hFile, sOneNonUTF8Line
  sUTF8Line = Conv$(sOneNonUTF8Line, "WINDOWS-1253", "UTF-8")
  'LINE INPUT #hFile, sOneNonUTF8Line
  'PRINT Conv$(sOneNonUTF8Line, "WINDOWS-1253", "UTF-8")
FINALLY ' Always executed, even if an error is raised
  CLOSE #hFile
CATCH ' Executed only if there is an error
  PRINT "Cannot print or read or convert lines from file "; "/home/ilias/sometextingreekWINDOWS-1253.txt"