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String Management
GB.AddString Adds a string to another one.
GB.ExtendString Expands a string.
GB.FreeString Releases a string.
GB.MatchString Checks if a string matches a specified pattern.
GB.NewString Creates a new string.
GB.StringLength Returns the length of a string.
GB.SubstAdd Substitution callback helper.
GB_SUBST_CALLBACK Substitution callback datatype.
GB.SubstString Substitutes strings inside a pattern.
GB.ToZeroString Converts a Gambas string into a temporary null-terminated string.

C Library String Functions Replacement

GB.strcasecmp Compares two ASCII strings, by ignoring the case.
GB.strncasecmp Compares two ASCII strings, by ignoring the case, up to a specified length.
GB.tolower Converts an ASCII string to lower case.
GB.toupper Converts an ASCII string to upper case.