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Gambas is an interpreted language, with no "just-in-time" or other compilation to native code at all up to the 3.2 version.

Here is some little benchmarks stolen on the Internet used for comparing Gambas and Gambas JIT-compiled with interpreted Python and Perl.

The tests were done on my own machine (Intel Core2 Duo @2.33GHz / Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits), by running them with the "time" shell command, and by adding user time and system time.

Note there is a little time used for compiling the source files in all languages.

Almost all benchmarks are stupid!


Benchmark Python Perl Gambas Gambas + JIT
Polynom 133 319 100 9.2
Primes 27.6 43.0 20.4 5.95
N-Body 22.4 33.3 20.8 3.07
Mandelbrot 35.3 23.2 13.6 0.56

Execution times are measured in seconds.

Click on the links to get the source code of the benchmarks.

Language versions

The following versions of the languages were used: