Array Declaration
DIM Identifier AS [ NEW ] Native Datatype [ Array dimensions ... ]

Note that you can use any expression for specifying array dimensions.


DIM aWords AS NEW String[WORD_MAX * 2]
DIM aMatrix AS NEW Float[3, 3]
DIM aResult AS String[]


The array can have several dimensions, up to a maxium of eight.


DIM iGroupc AS NEW Integer[27, 9]
DIM iFieldr AS NEW Integer[9]
DIM iX9X AS NEW Integer[3, 4, 5, 2, 3, 2, 2, 4, 2] 'will report error

The name "DIM" for this declaration comes from the sixties, where BASIC variables did not need to be declared, except variables with dimensions.

Gambas uses brackets [ ] instead of braces ( ) to declare and use dimensions.

Embedded arrays

[ STATIC ] PRIVATE Identifier [ Array dimensions ... ] AS Native Datatype

An embedded array is an array that is allocated directly inside the object where it is declared.

Such an array cannot be shared, and is destroyed with the object.

An embedded array cannot be public, and you cannot initialize it.

Do not use embedded arrays as local variables. It works at the moment, but has been removed in Gambas 3.


PRIVATE Handles[8] AS Label
STATIC PRIVATE TicTacToe[3, 3] AS Integer

See also

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